Roasting Marshmallows

      by John Thompson and Garry Gay


First published in Hammerhorn Lake (Foster City, California: Press Here, 1995) by Garry Gay, John Thompson, and Michael Dylan Welch. Written 3–4 September 1994 on a camping trip at Hammerhorn Lake, California.



roasting marshmallows

as the center softens

my mouth waters                                                                            John


        from the wood pile

        an occasional chirp                                                                  Garry


hearing voices

as I swing the axe—

wind in the trees                                                                              John


night walk

to the lake shore . . .

shooting star                                                                                      Garry


        in the neighboring camp

        a belching contest                                                                   John


campfire song

fades back

into crickets                                                                                        Garry