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That Ain’t Funny

In 1992 I published A Vote for Alice, a political parody of a certain Lewis Carroll book. Maybe someday I’ll reprint the book, or share parts of it online, but for now you’ll have to be believe me that it was funny—in a high-brow sort of way. In 1993, I also published an anthology, Fig Newtons: Senryu to Go, employing the often funny or satirical genre of senryu poetry. Much of my humour (yes, I retain the British spelling, since I’m British) is droll. Check out these links. You might chuckle here and there. Or maybe not.


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Parodies, Homages, Allusions
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The Twelve Musical Days of Christmas
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Action Figure Comics Haiku
Atlantic Monthly Senryu Contest
(off this site)
Clerihews for Haiku Editors—Past
Clerihews for Haiku Editors—Present
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How to Respond to a Haiku
Mother Soprano Goose (haibun)
Senryu from Fig Newtons: Senryu to Go
Senryu Therapy
Smart Cars (rengay with Tanya McDonald)
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Uh-Huh (rengay with Lee Gurga)


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