My Poems in Haiku Society of America Anthologies

I first proposed, inspired by the tradition in Haiku Canada, that the Haiku Society of America publish an annual membership anthology. Consequently, in 1993, I introduced and did the layout and design for the first HSA anthology. Since then, I’ve been an advisor to many editors of subsequent anthologies, and have written an extensive HSA Publications Guide that I often share with each editor. For many years, HSA members were charged extra for the anthology, but later the publication was added as a free benefit for all members. The following are all of my poems from these anthologies, with the year and title of each anthology (no anthology was published in 2012). At the end are notes about a few of the poems. See also “Lull in the Wind,” a trifold of all of these poems (until 2018), celebrating the Haiku Society of Americas 50th anniversary and the 25th anniversary of these annual membership anthologies.



1993 — When Butterflies Come


after-dinner mints

passed around the table

. . . slow-falling snow



1994 — Dreams Wander


a crying ghost—

halloween loot bag

burst on the sidewalk



1995 — One Breath


dust settles

after the passing car

. . . the slow windmill



1996 — A Solitary Leaf


home for Christmas:

my childhood desk drawer

empty                                                                                                               +   +   +



1997 — From a Kind Neighbor


roar of the missed bus—

the stone I kicked

falls into a storm drain



1998 — Light and Shadow



we take the old dog’s route

summer rain



1999 — Intersections


  muddy lakeshore—

            paw print

on the monarch’s wing



2000 — Crinkled Sunshine


so taken by the doodle

               on your bookmark

       I lose your place



2001 — Voices and Echoes


commuter train—

    that girl again

reading another romance



2002 — Bits of Itself


night flight—

a little girl turns her doll

to face me


          (after J. D. Salinger)



2003 — Haiku Society of America Members’ Anthology 2003


gliding hawk—

the glint of sun

from a fish’s eye



2004 — Walking the Same Path


dust storm—

a fence post unweathered

below the soil line



2005 — Loose Change


morning sickness—

the patter of spring rain

on our new roof



2006 — Fish in Love


a lull in the wind—

the tips of pines

clearer in the fog



2007 — Flower of Another Country


into the lake,

      our skipping stones’

            intermingling rings



2008 — Dandelion Clocks


lazy day . . .

I give her wind chime

a stir



2009 — A Travel-Worn Satchel


sharp Winnipeg wind . . .

     walking backwards

          to the bus



2010 — Sharing the Sun


Darwin’s barberry

the place where

the skid marks stop



2011 — In Pine Shade


morning light—

the seedpod rattles

in the baby’s hand


2013 — This World


on the merry-go-round

with my daughter

a few fallen leaves


2014 — Take-out Window


yard sale—

a row of empty jars

tinged slightly red


2015 — A Splash of Water


tide rip—

the slant of light

through the islands


2016 — Full of Moonlight


first flurries . . .

a skateboard

broken in two


2017 — On Down the Road


late for the bus

petals swirl

in a hearse’s wake                                                                                                                +



2018 — Four Hundred and Two Snails


deepening debt—

snow along the rim

of the clay flower pot


2019 — Moments Longing

first rose—
my toddlers breath
parting the petals                                                                                                                +

2020 — Bundled Wildflowers


funerals end—

a whisper passed

from ear to ear



1993: I wrote the introduction for this first HSA anthology, and also did the layout and design.

1995: Unfortunately, this poem does not actually appear in the anthology. Although formally accepted for publication, the poem was accidentally omitted from the book due to an editorial error, but was acknowledged with an errata sheet.

1997: The first line was incorrectly printed as “roar of a missed bus” (a should have been the).

1998: I did the layout and design for this anthology.

2009: This was a very old poem of mine (and feels weaker to me), but I submitted it because the theme of the anthology was place names and specific locations. I wanted to represent Winnipeg, because I used to live there.

2012: The HSA anthology was never published this year, hence the gap.

2017: This poem was published with a typo, without the “l” in the first line. “ate for the bus”? This poem also marks the third “bus” poem Ive had in HSA anthologies.