The following is a collection of my poems that have appeared on Tinywords, arranged with the most recent appearance first. Click the dates to see each original publication on Tinywords, together with sometimes extensive comments. Except for 2011 and earlier postings, these poems were published elsewhere before appearing on Tinywords.

                                                                                                chairs overturned
                                                                                                on dusk-lit tables—
                                                                                                a pause in the broom

                                                                                                                17 December 2019

long sermon—
biscuits and crayons
passed along the pew

                19 April 2019

bills due—
                                                                                                in my dream
                                                                                                the endless stairs

                                                                                                                26 November 2018

unpacked box
on the kitchen table—
foreign headlines

                10 May 2017

traffic stop
                                                                                                the neon buddha tries to claim
                                                                                                diplomatic immunity

                                                                                                                26 October 2016

family reunion—
the camera timer
goes off too soon

                13 May 2016

late show on TV—
                                                                                                I finish cleaning up
                                                                                                for the cleaning lady

                                                                                                                1 April 2016

fox on the trail—
your hand held up
to my chest

                7 May 2015

                                                                                                only so far
                                                                                                onto the beach
                                                                                                tracks of a wheelchair

                                                                                                                6 March 2015       +

a firefly’s glow
against her palm
passed to mine

                12 April 2011

                                                                                                night jog—
                                                                                                sparks from a train
                                                                                                rounding a turn

                                                                                                                6 April 2011

toll booth lit for Christmas—
from my hand to hers
warm change

                24 December 2009

                                                                                                Valentine’s Day—
                                                                                                she reminds me
                                                                                                to fasten my seatbelt
                      +   +

                                                                                                                14 February 2008

first date—
     letting her
put snow down my neck

                31 December 2007

                                                                                                first snow . . .
                                                                                                the children’s hangers
                                                                                                clatter in the closet

                                                                                                                13 December 2007

meteor shower . . .
a gentle wave
wets our sandals

                22 November 2007       +

                                                                                                first cold night—
                                                                                                the click of your domino
                                                                                                as we play by the fire

                                                                                                                9 November 2007       +

relaxing my arm
on the bullseye

                20 August 2007

                                                                                                summer moonlight
                                                                                                     the potter’s wheel

                                                                                                                31 July 2007

crackling beach fire—
     we hum in place of words
we can’t recall

                4 July 2007

                                                                                                spring breeze—
                                                                                                the pull of her hand
                                                                                                as we near the pet store

                                                                                                                7 May 2007

tourists talking
in several languages—
the glassblower exhales

                20 April 2007

                                                                                                reading in bed
                                                                                                     my pulse flickering
                                                                                                     the lightly held bookmark

                                                                                                                13 March 2007