The following haiku sequence was published in Solitary Plover (#19, Winter 2014), the journal of the Friends of Lorine Niedecker.

                day moon—
                the prize pumpkin
                lifted to the pickup

                                first cold night—
                                the farmhouse linoleum
                                worn at the sink

                                                a love stamp
                                                on the severance cheque—
                                                cold rain

                                                                scrambling too many eggs
                                                                       for breakfast
                                                                the widow

                                                                                snow day—
                                                                                your apple compote
                                                                                bubbling on the stove

                                                                                                pet cemetery—
                                                                                                the frozen earth
                                                                                                so hard to dig

                                                                                                                job interview—
                                                                                                                the snow shovel
                                                                                                                lifted from its hook