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YearCategoryTitleAuthorPrice / Description
1993 Haibun Met on the Road William J. Higginson with Penny Harter Bashō-style travel haibun 
1999 Haibun Wedge of Light Cor van den Heuvel, Tom Lynch, and Michael Dylan Welch, editors Haibun by twelve poets, plus essays, resulting from the first-ever English-language haibun contest 
1993 Haiku and Senryu Fig Newtons: Senryu to Go Michael Dylan Welch, editor Poems by six San Francisco–area poets 
2002 Haiku and Senryu Finding the Way paul m. Haiku collection 
2017 Haiku and Senryu Jumble Box: Haiku and Senryu from National Haiku Writing Month Michael Dylan Welch, editor 324 poems by 100 NaHaiWriMo participants from around the world 
2021 Haiku and Senryu Abandoned Farmhouse (2nd edition) Edward J. Rielly Haiku collection; second edition (first edition in 2000) 
1995 Haiku and Senryu A Simple Universe Sonō Uchida Haiku collection, in translation from the Japanese; introduction by William J. Higginson 
2012 Haiku and Senryu With Cherries on Top Michael Dylan Welch, editor 190 poems by 79 contributors to National Haiku Writing Month (NaHaiWriMo) [free ebook] 
1999 Haiku and Senryu School’s Out Randy M. Brooks Haiku collection 
1990 Haiku and Senryu The Haijin’s Tweed Coat (1st edition) Michael Dylan Welch Haiku collection; second edition in 2000 
2000 Haiku and Senryu The Haijin’s Tweed Coat (2nd edition) Michael Dylan Welch Haiku collection; first edition in 1990 
2015 Haiku and Senryu Becoming a Haiku Poet Michael Dylan Welch Introductory overview of the art and craft of writing haiku poetry; foreword by Aubrie Cox 
2000 Haiku and Senryu Abandoned Farmhouse Edward J. Rielly Haiku collection (second edition in 2021) 
1990 Haiku and Senryu Starship Earth Adele Kenny Haiku and senryu on the four elements 
2001 Haiku and Senryu The Nick of Time: Essays on Haiku Aesthetics Paul O. Williams Edited and introduced by Lee Gurga and Michael Dylan Welch 
1997 Haiku and Senryu In and Out of Fog Lee Gurga Haiku collection; letterpress printing 
1990 Haiku and Senryu Tremors Michael Dylan Welch Earthquake haiku and a haibun 
2010 Haiku and Senryu Fifty-Seven Damn Good Haiku by a Bunch of Our Friends Michael Dylan Welch and Alan Summers, editors Poems by twelve poets worldwide 
1991 Haiku and Senryu The Measure of Emptiness Lee Gurga Haiku collection, with a concluding interview with the author; introduced by Jerry Kilbride 
2008 (2007 conference) HNA Anthology Dandelion Wind Michael Dylan Welch and Lenard D. Moore, editors Winston-Salem, North Carolina conference 
1991 HNA Anthology Harvest Michael Dylan Welch, editor San Francisco conference 
2019 HNA Anthology Sitting in the Sun Michael Dylan Welch and Crystal Simone Smith, editors Winston-Salem, North Carolina conference 
1997 HNA Anthology Shades of Green Michael Dylan Welch, editor Portland, Oregon conference 
2017 HNA Anthology Earthsigns Michael Dylan Welch and Scott Wiggerman, editors Santa Fe, New Mexico conference 
1993 HNA Anthology The Shortest Distance Michael Dylan Welch and Ebba Story, editors San Francisco conference 
2001 HNA Anthology Paperclips Michael Dylan Welch, Carol Purington, and Larry Kimmel, editors Boston conference 
2011 HNA Anthology Standing Still Michael Dylan Welch and Ruth Yarrow, editors Seattle conference 
2015 HNA Anthology Fire in the Treetops: Celebrating Twenty-Five Years of Haiku North America Michael Dylan Welch, editor Featuring 1,053 poems from HNA conference anthologies from 1991 to 2015; Schenectady, New York conference 
2005 HNA Anthology Tracing the Fern Michael Dylan Welch and Billie Wilson, editors Port Townsend, Washington conference 
2013 HNA Anthology Close to the Wind Michael Dylan Welch and William Hart, editors Long Beach, California conference 
2009 HNA Anthology Into Our Words Michael Dylan Welch and Grant D. Savage, editors Ottawa conference 
1995 HNA Anthology Northern Lights Michael Dylan Welch, editor Toronto conference 
1999 HNA Anthology Too Busy for Spring Michael Dylan Welch and Lee Gurga, editors Chicago conference 
2003 HNA Anthology Brocade of Leaves Michael Dylan Welch and Yu Chang, editors New York City conference 
2000 Interview Berries and Cream Jeanne Emrich, Michael Dylan Welch On haiga; introduced by Stephen Addiss 
1989 Interview On My Mind (1st edition) Anita Virgil, vincent tripi On haiku; introduction by Garry Gay; second edition in 1993 
1993 Interview Raking Sand Virginia Brady Young, vincent tripi On haiku; introduction by Ebba Story 
1993 Interview On My Mind (2nd edition) Anita Virgil, vincent tripi On haiku; introduction by Garry Gay; first edition in 1989 
1992 Other A Vote for Alice Michael Dylan Welch Political parody of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; introduction by Sandor Burstein 
1994 Tanka Footsteps in the Fog Michael Dylan Welch, editor Seven San Francisco–area poets 
2002 Tanka Castles in the Sand Michael Dylan Welch, editor 2002 Tanka Society of America Members’ Anthology 
1997 Tanka Turning My Chair Pat Shelley Tanka collection 
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