A Rain of Leaves

        by Donna [later Claire] Callagher, Pat Gallagher, and Michael Dylan Welch
First published in Woodnotes #20, Spring 1994, page 7. Written 18 November 1993, at the Gallagher home in Sunnyvale, California. This was the first three-person rengay ever written.


a rain of leaves

before the first drops

mackerel clouds                                                               Claire


        solstice sunrise

        frost on the willow                                                  Pat


fingers knotted

behind my head

above me, the bristlecone pine                                 Michael


        fire-scarred madrone

        open to the heartwood                                        Claire


the dog’s whine

apple blossoms sprinkled

on the rusty lawn chair                                                  Pat


        the redwood burl

        shades a trillium                                                       Michael