A Taste of Winter

            by Elizabeth St Jacques and Michael Dylan Welch


Written from July through September, 1994, between Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and Foster City, California. First published in HWUP #37, November/December 1995, page 12.



on the cedar bough

freshly fallen snow

. . . the taste of it                                                              Elizabeth


        cat in the corner

        of the iced picture window                                  Michael


echoes of sticks

and steaming breaths

at the hockey rink                                                            Elizabeth


dashing from his truck

through blinding sleet,

pizza delivery boy                                                            Michael


        cotton fluff disappears

        . . . Santa’s too-large suit                                      Elizabeth


a rolled newspaper . . .

       icicles clatter

from the neighbour’s eaves                                        Michael