A Winter’s Tale

      by Michael Dylan Welch and Sarah Welch

Winner of first honourable mention in the 2014 rengay contest sponsored by the Haiku Poets of Northern California. First published in Mariposa #33, Autumn/Winter 2015, page 29. Written 27 November 2014 in Redmond, Washington, when Sarah was eight years old. These verses were originally written in the opposite order. See also “A Summer’s Tale.”

morning light—
a trace of snow
on the neighbour’s crèche                                                           Michael

        granddad steals a gumdrop
        from the gingerbread house                                               Sarah

crowded mall—
the eyes of carolers
all aglow                                                                                     Michael

mistletoe hung
above the mantel—
empty stocking                                                                           Sarah

        sale flags fluttering
        in the tree lot                                                                     Michael

bronze sunset . . .
the first Christmas lights
turn on                                                                                       Sarah

Commentary by the Rengay Contest Judges

“With lively imagery and pace, this rengay captures the warmth of Christmas, tempered by realism as in ‘sale flags.’” —Beverley George

 “I felt all aglow after reading this fine Christmas rengay. I enjoyed the progression between granddad stealing a gumdrop to the final verse which links sunset with Christmas lights.” —Ron C. Moss