All the News

      by Paul O. Williams and Michael Dylan Welch

Written from July to October 2004 via email. First published in Frogpond 38:2, Spring/Summer 2015, page 59. Paul died on 2 June 2009, before this rengay saw publication.

the daily word game
gives him trouble this morning—
his difficult son                                                                                  Paul

        fingers blackened
        by news of terrorism                                                              Michael

the dignified man
on the train—paper open
at the comics page                                                                          Paul

fish and chips—
yesterday’s newspaper
wet with vinegar                                                                              Michael

        smoothing away the food
        to read “News of the Weird”                                              Paul

teen with a boombox . . .
dad’s eyes appear
above the headlines                                                                       Michael