Another Country

      by Jacquie Pearce and Michael Dylan Welch

First published in Blithe Spirit 28:3, August 2018, page 37. Also published in Last Train Home, Vancouver, British Columbia: Pondhawk Press, 2021, page 176. Originally written in November of 2017.

autumn night—
the train whistle
enters my dream                                                                             Jacquie

        first frost
        sparkling the tracks                                                                 Michael

ticket for one—
a few yellow leaves
left on the platform                                                                        Jacquie

bare branches—
a child’s wave
from the dining car                                                                          Michael

        through the railroad crossing
        a gust of wind                                                                           Jacquie

graffiti on a freight train
from another country . . .
harvest moon                                                                                    Michael