Birthdays Shared

      by Michael Dylan Welch and Alan S. Bridges

First published in Blithe Spirit 30:3, August 2020, page 65. Originally written in January of 2018. Verses in this rengay were inspired by famous people who were born on each of our birthdays. Michael wrote about Alan’s birthday, and Alan wrote about Michael’s.

dying is an art—
“Hughes” chiseled off
Plath’s gravestone again                                             Michael

        a second chance, as George Bailey—
        it’s a wonderful life                                             Alan

on Mt. Rushmore
the youngest dead president
carved with glasses                                                     Michael

Sonny and Cher’s
“I Got You Babe”
karaoke solo                                                                 Alan

        Dylan Thomas’s photo faded
        at the White Horse Tavern                                   Michael

the right to die—
he argues John Stuart Mill’s
harm principle                                                              Alan