Bottoms Up

      by Kelly Sauvage Angel, Terri L. French, Agnes Eva Savich,
      Jeff Hoagland, Tanya McDonald, Michael Dylan Welch

First published in Failed Haiku #45, October 2019, page 79. Originally written on 10 August 2019 at the Haiku North America conference, in Room 302 of the Hawthorne Inn and Conference Center, Winston-Salem, North Carolina (after, ahem, some skinny dipping in the hotel pool).

offering myself
to the moon
midnight swim                                                                  Kelly Sauvage Angel

        the push and pull
        of her breaststroke                                                 Terri L. French

longing to submerge
I dangle my feet
in the old pool                                                                   Agnes Eva Savich

        beneath the surface
        our incidental touch                                                Jeff Hoagland

into the deep end
two bodies
one wake                                                                            Tanya McDonald

        out of the darkness
        a camera’s flash                                                        Michael Dylan Welch