by Alice Frampton, Michael Dylan Welch, and Richard R. Powell


First published in Tidepools: Haiku On Gabriola (Gabriola, British Columbia: Pacific-Rim Publishers, 2011). See my introduction to the book.



arbutus ashes—

mother in her sun hat

blinks back tears                                                                               Alice


            my boy too small

            to hug the whole maple                                                    Michael


pine beetles—

my brother adjusts

to his new sky                                                                                   Richard


            our sister’s confession

            behind the willow                                                                Alice


back porch—

the alder shade

has reached dad’s argument                                                      Michael


            nana’s maiden name missing

            from the family tree                                                           Richard



Written 20 July 2008 at White Hart Pub, Gabriola Island, British Columbia.