by Connie Donleycott and Michael Dylan Welch


First published in Frogpond 32:3, Fall 2009, page 49. Written on 12 July 2008 (first verse) and 15 July 2008 (remaining verses) by email, about our 11 July 2008 visit to the Olive Garden restaurant in Silverdale, Washington. On that date, we also wrote the “Off the Top of Our Heads” rengay with Alice Frampton.



different viewpoints—

we both order

the same entrée                                                          Connie


        tasty appetizer

        your foot touches mine                                        Michael


endless salad

the first refill skimpy

on peppers                                                                    Connie


ravioli di portobello—

yet again the waitress asks

if everything’s okay                                                        Michael


        we say yes, then no

        to tiramisu                                                              Connie


reaching simultaneously,

we almost tear

the bill in half                                                                  Michael