by Michael Dylan Welch, Randy Brooks, and Brett Bodemer

This rengay appeared in 2002 on the Millikin University website, with commentary by Heather Aymer, but appears there without a title and without a publication credit. I’ve lost track of where this rengay might have been published, if at all. If published, it might have had a different title. The first three verses were written on 22 November 1998 at the San Damiano Retreat Center in Danville, California, where we also wrote “The Bowl He Holds.” The remaining three verses were written by email in March of 1999 and later.

hoeing the garden—
a dried frog
broken in two                                                                    Michael

        string beans
        snapped                                                                    Randy

axe blow
cleaves the log
halves rocking                                                                   Brett

        splitting at my touch
        dry mussel shells                                                      Michael

cracked glass over the photo
her lips parting to speak
in my mind                                                                        Randy

        an eye to each current
        egret on the sandbar                                                Brett