Changing the Guard

      by Michael Dylan Welch, Bill Pauly, Charles Trumbull,
      LeRoy Gorman, Guy Simser, and DeVar Dahl


First published in Haiku Canada Review 3:3, October 2009, page 28. Written in front of the Houses of Parliament in Ottawa, Ontario, on 7 August 2009, during the Haiku North America conference. See about 30 to 40 pictures I took of the changing of the guard (including several of the fallen soldier mentioned in this rengay’s last verse). You can also see several pictures of us reading this rengay on the conference boat cruise.



the clock tower’s shadow

now and then across the square . . .

summer clouds                                                                Michael


        we step over time

        and each other’s shadows                                     Bill


group picture

the photographer’s face

deep in shade                                                                   Charles


        reaching high noon

        protest placards lose their shadows                    LeRoy


Changing the Guard

Parliament Hill sky

my shadow shrinking                                                       Guy


        the fallen soldier

        lies on her shadow                                                   DeVar