City of Vapors

        by Carlos W. Colón, Paul Kreth, Stacy Pendergrast, Michael Dylan Welch,
        David G. Lanoue, and Howard Lee Kilby

First published in Hedgerow #133, Autumn 2020, page 25. Originally written 3 November 2018 at Angel’s Restaurant in Hot Springs, Arkansas on the weekend of the 22nd annual Hot Springs haiku weekend. The poem by Carlos (who died in 2016) was selected from the 1999 Haiku North America conference poster signed by many dozens of attendees with one of their haiku (photo below).

my Hot Springs
hotel room                                                                    Carlos

        steam rising
        from a half-filled jug                                            Paul

Bill Clinton’s boyhood home
freshly painted
an apple green                                                              Stacy

Bathhouse Row—
newlyweds stroll
under the magnolias                                                    Michael

        mugging for a selfie
        with Al Capone                                                      David

photo finish—
tickets in the air
at Oaklawn racetrack                                                   Howard