Deep Winter

        by Garry Gay and Michael Dylan Welch


First published in Frogpond 17:3, Autumn 1994. Written 9 August 1992 in Foster City, California. This was the first rengay ever written (Garry invented the rengay form the night before). Download or view the “Four Rengay” trifold, where this rengay also appears, on the Trifold Downloads page.


deep winter

shriveled on a branch

unpicked apple                                                                 Garry


        grey sleet

        blows against the tree roots                               Michael


muffled by the storm

in this monochrome world

distant goat bell                                                                Garry


a clock ticking

by the frosted window

steaming muffins                                                             Michael


        at midnight

        counting each chime                                              Garry


storm clouds pass . . .

moonlight through lace curtains

falls on the cat’s back                                                     Michael