by Alice Frampton, Vicki McCullough, and Michael Dylan Welch
First published in Haiku Canada Review 2:1, February 2008, page 38. Written 20 May 2005 (my birthday), on the road between Cranbrook, British Columbia and Pincher Creek, Alberta, on our way to the annual Haiku Canada weekend held that year at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta. Instead of writing by alternating entire verses in the prescribed pattern, this three-person rengay alternates the authorship of individual lines, making each verse a truly collaborative creation.


first steps—                                                                       Alice

the dog’s wagging tail                                                   Vicki

downs the toddler                                                          Michael


        the Mickey Mouse cup                                          Vicki

        leaves a white ring                                                  Alice


stains on the high chair                                                 Michael

in the second-hand store—                                        Alice

rain at the window                                                         Vicki


a row of swings—                                                            Alice

the Down’s Syndrome child                                        Michael

plays with his shoe                                                         Vicki


        toys in the wading pool                                        Michael

        covered with snow                                                 Alice


a mobile of ponies                                                          Vicki

turns round and round . . .                                           Alice

the argument downstairs                                            Michael