Dying Spark

      by Rich Krivcher, John Thompson, and Michael Dylan Welch


First prize winner in 1998 Haiku Poets of Northern California rengay contest. At the time, HPNC did not publish its contest winners in Mariposa, so this rengay remained unpublished for many years. First published in Frogpond 30:3, Fall 2007, page 51. My verses were written and revised on 19 November and 24 December 1997 and 2 January 1998 in Foster City, California and Anacortes, Washington.



lightning flash—

a bug streak glows

on the windshield                                                           Rich


        in the night heron’s beak

        a wriggling glint of silver                                      John


Roman ruin:

the candle sputtering

deep in the tunnel                                                          Michael


        ten-wheeler hauling sheep

        a spark from the mudflaps                                   Rich


graveyard shift—

lighting one cigarette

with another                                                                      John


        photographing Hiroshima

        the sudden flash                                                      Michael