Face to Face

         by Kathabela Wilson and Michael Dylan Welch

First published in Kokako #25, September 2016, page 29. Originally written 19 August 2013 aboard the “Catalina Jet” ferry en route from Catalina Island to Long Beach, California.

a touch of gold
in his green eyes
late afternoon                                                                                   Kathabela

            he says his age
            is in his brown eyebrows                                                  Michael

the soft pink
of her lipstick
he licks his lips                                                                                  Kathabela

turquoise kokopelli—
he hands her the earring
she thought she’d lost                                                                   Michael

            on the right side
            his black eyelashes longer                                               Kathabela

a puppy for her birthday—
the sudden white
of her smile                                                                                        Michael