Française des Arts

      A rengay by Colin Stewart Jones and Michael Dylan Welch

First published in Frogpond 36:2, Spring/Summer 2013, page 57. Written on 3 December 2011 by email between Aberdeen, Scotland and Sammamish, Washington in under three hours. Times listed are Pacific Standard Time (actually 4 December 2011 for Colin).

Encore Une Fois
her arms stretch back
on last night’s bed                                                                           Colin, 8:01 pm, 3 Dec 2011

            the record player skipping
            La Vie En Rose                                                                       Michael, 8:40 pm, 3 Dec 2011

reading Kerouac
in the bathroom
Zobi La Mouche                                                                                Colin, 9:20 pm, 3 Dec 2011

nothing left
for Les Misérables
but nosebleed seats                                                                       Michael, 10:03 pm, 3 Dec 2011

            Un Homme et Une Femme
            chant along at the cinema                                                Colin, 10:34 pm, 3 Dec 2011

the star of
Le Retour de Martin Guerre
banging the piano                                                                            Michael, 10:53 pm, 3 Dec 2011