Freezer Burn

      by Max Verhart and Michael Dylan Welch

First published in Presence #55, June 2016, page 63. Written via email between Den Bosch, Netherlands, and Sammamish, Washington, on the theme of burning things. We wrote the first half of this rengay in 2012, the last half in 2014.

burning incense
scents our silence—
wet windowpanes                                                          Max

        the candle flickers
        behind the egg                                                         Michael

camping alone—
the potatoes in the fire
as the sun sets                                                                  Max

workmen with a ladder—
the smell of pepper spray
in the campus quad                                                        Michael

        the valley fog mingles
        with wood smoke                                                    Max

Thanksgiving dinner—
the taste of freezer burn
in the turnips                                                                     Michael