Hammerhorn Lake

      by Michael Dylan Welch, John Thompson, and Garry Gay


First published in Hammerhorn Lake (Foster City, California: Press Here, 1995) by Garry Gay, John Thompson, and Michael Dylan Welch. Also published in 1999 in “The Long Way Home,” a sequence of poems and photographs on the Brooks Books website. Written 3–4 September 1994 on a camping trip at Hammerhorn Lake, California. Hammerhorn Lake lies at 3,507 feet (1,069 meters) above sea level in Mendocino County. The three of us camped at the shore of this lake and wrote rengay together all weekend.     +



dragonfly wing

caught in a mud crack—

mountain lake                                                                  Michael


        lizard sunning itself

        on a swimmer’s boot                                             John


over the mountain

a small cloud

and its reflection                                                             Garry


        between parted reeds

        coon tracks                                                                 Michael


bleached snail shells

crunching underfoot—

a drifting waterlily                                                           John


        the wind dies down

        to a cricket sound                                                    Garry