Hammerhorn Mountain

      by Garry Gay, John Thompson, and Michael Dylan Welch


First published in Hammerhorn Lake (Foster City, California: Press Here, 1995) by Garry Gay, John Thompson, and Michael Dylan Welch. Written 3–4 September 1994 on a camping trip at Hammerhorn Lake, California. Hammerhorn Mountain is a 7,543-foot (2,299-meter) peak in Trinity County. We climbed to the top of this peak, where the remains of an old fire lookout tower gave us views to the Sierras far to the east, and even to Mt. Shasta to the north.     +



mountain trail—

the woodpecker’s music

ends at the tree line                                                       Garry


        grasshopper riding

        on the brim of his hat                                             John


cloudless sky—


over the summit                                                              Michael


        wind picking up the sound

        of the rock slide                                                        Garry



a heart-shaped stone

to carry home                                                                    John


        three hikers

        in the mountain’s shadow                                   Michael