by Michael Dylan Welch, Emiko Miyashita, David Burleigh,
      Kathleen O’Toole, Garry Gay, and Susan Antolin


First published in Haiku Canada Review 3:3, October 2009, page 27. Written on 7 August 2009 during the Haiku North America conference in Ottawa, Ontario. You can see several pictures of us reading this rengay on the conference boat cruise (or see one additional photo below).



my coins dropped

into his cap

the bagpiper nods                                                         Michael


        the organist lit

        through stained glass                                           Emiko


the sound of a band—

the red geraniums

stand to attention                                                         David


        an Irish air

        from the woodwinds                                             Kathleen


café music

a sparrow dances

across the table                                                            Garry


        cruising lowrider

        the surge and ebb of hip-hop                               Susan



Left to right: David Burleigh, Terry Ann Carter, Emiko Miyashita (reading for Kathleen O’Toole), Michael Dylan Welch (Captain Haiku), Garry Gay, and Susan Antolin. Photo by Fay Aoyagi.