Journey in Blue

      by Garry Gay, Claire Gallagher, Fay Aoyagi, David Noble,
      Bruce Kennedy, and Michael Dylan Welch

First published in Mariposa #40, Spring/Summer 2019, page 21. Originally written 28 April 2002 at Carolyn Hall’s home in Santa Rosa, California. I acted as facilitator, and believe this to be the first six-person rengay ever written.

hound’s tongue
the snail travels
the length of it                                                                  Garry Gay

        the runner’s spandex
        a blue dream                                                             Claire Gallagher

field of lupin
a father and son
pedaling bikes                                                                   Fay Aoyagi

arching over the path—
pieces of sky                                                                     David Noble

        reaching for the next fence post
        evening glories                                                         Bruce Kennedy

first falling leaves—
the pool sweep
escapes from a corner                                                     Michael Dylan Welch