King’s Books

First published in the “Hands Across the Water” special issue of The Bamboo Hut in December 2018, page 43. Originally written at a meeting of the Commencement Bay Haiku group at King’s Books in Tacoma, Washington on 17 January 2017.

      by Jim Westenhaver, Megan Shea, Michael Dylan Welch, Judt Shrode, Burk Ketcham, and Janice Sakai

touching the book cover
a mouse
mooning                                                                         Jim

        running my finger
        along a cracked spine                                           Megan

new year’s day—
I turn a page
of the self-help book                                                     Michael

        black cat curled up
        on a dog-eared page                                             Judt

the Harvard Classics—
so many to read
and I am 91                                                                   Burk

        reading glasses left
        on a half-finished novel                                        Janice