Off the Top of Our Heads

      by Michael Dylan Welch, Alice Frampton, and Connie Donleycott


Honorable mention in the 2008 Haiku Poets of Northern California rengay contest. First published in Mariposa #20, Spring–Summer 2009. Written on 11 July 2008 on the patio at the Olive Garden restaurant in Silverdale, Washington. See also “Breadsticks.”



my son’s baseball cap

on backwards—

daylight saving time                                       Michael


      a grey fedora

      floats downriver                                        Alice


lowering the visor

on the bike helmet

female cop                                                      Connie


      the line cook’s hairnet

      almost falls into the soup                         Michael


after midnight

I find the toque

on the snowman                                             Alice


      the elastic breaks

      on my birthday hat                                   Connie