Old Spice

      by Michael Dylan Welch and Hank Dunlap


First published in Raw Nervz 2:1, Spring 1995, page 19. Written 9, 10 September 1994 at Asilomar, Pacific Grove, California.



carrying groceries

the vet’s mother tattoo

bulging                                                                                 Michael


        teenage girls swagger

        glint of their lip rings                                              Hank


passing at the salon door

granny and a punker

purple-haired                                                                    Michael


sweat-caked bandana

the biker’s old lady

daubing on rouge                                                            Hank


        red light district—

        she curses her implants                                        Michael


in his coffin

wearing black leather pants

reeking of Old Spice                                                       Hank