On Broadway

      by Brian Tasker and Michael Dylan Welch


Honourable mention in the 2003 Haiku Poets of Northern California rengay contest. First published in Presence (England) #23, May 2004, page 38. Also published in Tug of the Current: 2004 Red Moon Anthology (Winchester, Virginia: Red Moon Press, 2005), page 112, and in Brian Tasker’s book A Ripening Peach: The Poems (Frome, Somerset, England: Bare Bones Press, 2004). Written 2 July 2003 in New York City.



another birthday . . .

overpriced cheesecake

at the neon-lit diner                                                       Brian


        the rapper’s sneakers

        flash at each step                                                     Michael


red light—

a streetwalker whispers

hello there . . .                                                                   Brian


Club 69—

the stretch limo

turns on a blinker                                                             Michael


        drunken girls

        waving glowsticks                                                    Brian


a taxi home—

Broadway lights

dimmed for Hepburn                                                     Michael