On the Dewy Path

         by Michael Dylan Welch, Shelley Baker-Gard, Deborah P Kolodji,
         Kath Abela Wilson, Jacquie Pearce, and Angela J. Naccarato

Written at the Haiku Society of America national meeting on 14 August 2016 at the Portland Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon. First published in Kokako #26, April 2017, page 26.

garden stroll—
the sun on her cheeks
comes and goes                                                                               Michael

         waiting on the dewy path
         at the tea house                                                                     Shelley

frayed cord
ties a bamboo fence
the creep of moss                                                                           Debbie

         a golden koi dips
         into its shadow                                                                      Kath

stone by stone
the many colors
of shoes                                                                                             Jacquie

         a mountain of azaleas
         borrowing the view                                                                Angela