Prairie Wind

      by Vicki McCullough, Alice Frampton, and Michael Dylan Welch


Third prize winner in the 2005 Haiku Poets of Northern California rengay contest. First published in Mariposa #14, Spring–Summer 2006, page 30. Written on the road between Waterton Lakes National Park and Lethbridge, Alberta on 20 May 2005 (my birthday). We were on our way to the Haiku Canada conference held that weekend at the University of Lethbridge.



white wind turbines

against a dark sky—

the screen door slams                                                   Vicki


        the 4-H flag

        tangled in its rope                                                    Alice


driving rain—

the shopkeeper brings in

the kites for sale                                                              Michael


        panties from the line

        caught on the neighbour’s fence                      Vicki


U-pick strawberries—

the sign sways

on one hinge                                                                     Alice


        the algae-stained keel

        of the upturned boat                                             Michael