Rain into River

      by Michael Dylan Welch and Tanya McDonald

First published in
WA129, Sage Hill Press, 2017, page 145. This anthology of Washington State poets, edited by state poet laureate Tod Marshall, features 129 poems, one for each year of statehood (counting to 2018, when Marshall’s tenure as poet laureate ended). See the book’s contributor list and the book launch video, recorded on 
13 April 2017 at the state capitol building in Olympia. This rengay was originally written on 8 November 2008 on the ferry from Edmonds to Kingston, and from there to Port Townsend, Washington.       +

dark clouds—
the ferry’s wake
whitens the ocean                                                                        Michael

        between bay and sky
        the gold of maple leaves                                                      Tanya

pinking sunrise—
the jogger’s altered path
by the overflowing lake                                                                 Michael

rain into river . . .
a flash of blue
as the ruddy duck dives                                                                Tanya

        the puddle muddled
        by red rubber boots                                                               Michael

silvered with dew,
the spider web
on a sand pail                                                                                 Tanya