Rolled-Up Trousers

      by Michael Dylan Welch and Penny Harter

First published in Presence #57, March 2017, page 71. Originally written in March 2010, 
via email, with refinements in November of 2011.

grandpa’s rolled-up trousers
. . . the incoming tide
breaches the moat                                                                  Michael

        in the park, abandoned
        sneakers on spring grass                                                Penny

forgetting the time,
the groom admires his tux
in the mirror                                                                            Michael

jumping puddles
kids in yellow slickers
light the bus stop                                                                    Penny

        a black streak on the slope
        from someone’s wet ski pants                                        Michael

still looking for
that perfect tweed suit
in the thrift shop                                                                     Penny