Salad Days

      by Michael Dylan Welch, Billie Dee, Naia, Oleg Kagan, Ash Baldon, and Deborah P Kolodji

Written 21 February 2010, at the La Grande Orange Café (an historic train depot) in Pasadena, California. First published in Prune Juice #24, Spring 2018. page 104.

fancy restaurant—
the house salad served
on a single lettuce leaf                                                              Michael

        hearts of romaine
        baby’s first kick                                                                   Billie

panzanella for two
the waiter’s serenade
slightly off-key                                                                             Naia

        fruit salad finished
        I drink its juice                                                                     Oleg

Balsamic, no oil
tart and sweet
the way I like it                                                                             Ash

        he picks through spinach
        for the candied walnuts                                                        Deborah