Six of One

      by Andrew Riutta and Michael Dylan Welch

Winner of an honorable mention in the 2018 San Francisco International Rengay Competition sponsored by the Haiku Poets of Northern California. First published in Mariposa #41, Autumn/Winter 2019, page 31. Originally written via email in November, December, and January 2006–2007.

at one
with the morning fog,
my cigarette smoke                                                      Andrew

        champagne uncorked
        at a table for two                                                  Michael

a single wishbone
for a family of three—
New Year’s Day                                                             Andrew

each foot and hand
touching a different state—
Four Corners                                                                  Michael

        even without coffee
        I manage to take five                                             Andrew

six feet under—
the wave curls
over my surfboard                                                         Michael