Spicy Collards

      by Lenard D. Moore, Alice Frampton, and Michael Dylan Welch

First published in Hedgerow #105, February 2017. Originally written 29 June 2008 beneath a sugar maple by the parking lot at the Japanese Garden in Seattle, Washington.

spicy collards
on the tin plate
hazy sunset                                                                          Lenard

        crumbs from the cookie jar
        in plain sight                                                                Alice

veggie burger
with all the trimmings . . .
dinner alone                                                                         Michael

        recalling grandma’s peach cobbler
        at the roadside fruit stand                                           Lenard

long day at the beach
the popsicle melting
on his chest                                                                         Alice

        spaghetti sauce covers
        my daughter’s grin                                                      Michael