Spiralling Down

         by Tanya McDonald, Russell McDonald, and Michael Dylan Welch


Winner of an honourable mention in the 2009 Haiku Poets of Northern California rengay contest. In commenting on this rengay, judge Billie Wilson wrote that “‘Spiralling Down has wonderful links/shifts and superb images.” First published in Mariposa, 2010. Also published in Tidepools: Haiku On Gabriola (Gabriola, British Columbia: Pacific-Rim Publishers, 2011). See my introduction to the book. Written 26 July 2009 while driving from Gabriola Island to Duncan, British Columbia.



long weekend over

a maple key

spiraling down                                                                                             Tanya


          a pale green acorn

          sprouts from the nurse log                                                                Russell


freshly sliced watermelon

the retired mayor

spits the farthest                                                                                         Michael


          siskins bicker

          over the fallen thistle sock                                                               Tanya


abandoned barn

cottonwood fuzz drifts

through the loft window                                                                              Russell


          granddad’s puff

          of the dandelion                                                                                Michael