Summer in the Country

      by Michael Dylan Welch, Colleen Gerrish Force, and Jim Force (Nika)

First published in Skylark 5:2, Winter 2017, page 108. Written 16 July 2011 at Silva Bay Resort, Gabriola Island, British Columbia. See also “Christmas in the City,” written with Jim Force (and vincent tripi) in 1993, which bookended the following rengay, eighteen years earlier.

cedar rounds
stacked to the cabin soffit—
summer rain                                                                      Michael

        an orange plastic whistle
        on a teenager’s life jacket                                        Colleen

the picnic table
carved with initials
new and old                                                                       Nika

        mosquito repellent
        forgotten again                                                          Michael

trolling the lake
in search of pickerel . . .
horizon moon                                                                     Colleen

        between kisses
        first firefly                                                                   Nika