Swapping Shells

        by Michael Dylan Welch, Billie Dee, and Tanya McDonald

Third-place winner in the 2010 Haiku Poets of Northern California rengay contest. Published in Mariposa, 2011. Written 18 October 2009 at Scenic Beach State Park and at Barbie’s Seabeck Bay Café in Seabeck, Washington, after the Seabeck Haiku Getaway weekend.



shell gathering—

our toes sinking

down to the wet                                                              Michael


        abandoned camper shell

        columbine in the shadows                                   Billie


sea glass—

she caresses

the shell of his ear                                                           Tanya


        the idle hooker

        reading Shelley                                                         Michael


by moonlight

a hermit crab

swapping shells                                                                Billie


        the band shell darkened

        he gives my hand a squeeze                               Tanya