Taking the Field

      by Christopher Herold and Michael Dylan Welch


First published in Frogpond 17:3, Autumn 1994, page 22. Written at Candlestick Park, San Francisco, on Wednesday, 28 July 1993. For more of my baseball haiku, see “Pop Fly.”       +


        Los Angeles Dodgers           2

        San Francisco Giants           1



after the anthem

umpires cluster

by the plate                                                                     Christopher


        runner off first

        the pitcher’s tight jaw                                           Michael


third inning—

fog shadows

take the field                                                                   Christopher


pop fly!

mouths open

beyond left field                                                             Michael


        double down the line

        a puff of chalk                                                         Christopher


seventh-inning stretch


on the catcher’s knees                                                  Michael