Taking Turns

      by Michael Dylan Welch and Garry Gay


First published in Hammerhorn Lake (Foster City, California: Press Here, 1995) by Garry Gay, John Thompson, and Michael Dylan Welch. Written 3–4 September 1994 on a camping trip at Hammerhorn Lake, California. Download or view the “Four Rengay” trifold, where this rengay also appears, on the Trifold Downloads page.     +



by candlelight

the ace of spades

bent at the corner                                                           Michael


        with red fingernails

        she puts me in check                                              Garry


the lost scrabble piece

turns up this morning

in the vacuum cleaner                                                   Michael



all the pieces—

king me                                                                                Garry


        my turn—I blow the dice

        for free parking                                                        Michael




at solitaire                                                                           Garry