by David Berger, Jacquie Pearce, Michael Dylan Welch, Michelle Schaefer,
      James Rodriguez, and Vicki McCullough

First published in Seabeck Reunion, the Seabeck Haiku Getaway tenth anniversary anthology (Bellevue, Washington: Haiku Northwest Press, 2020), page 87. Originally written 28–29 
October 2017 at the Meeting House at the Seabeck Conference Center in Seabeck, Washington.

you roll over
and wake to the moon                                                  David

        my kisses follow
        the curve of light                                                      Jacquie

our legs entwined
we fall to the floor                                                           Michael

        a tease of breasts
        and squeeze below                                                Michelle

my tongue
in your mouth
you draw me in                                                                 James

        rising on the sultry air
        the yowl of a cat                                                       Vicki