by Tanya McDonald and Michael Dylan Welch

First published in our book, Seven Suns / Seven Moons (Seattle, Washington: NeoPoiesis Press, 2016), pages 44–45. Originally written 17 April 2009 aboard the Walla Walla ferry between Edmonds and Kingston, Washington. See also “High Score,” which was written simultaneously
, and our kasen renku, “Up,” plus the bookafterword.

seven moons
eating ginger candy
as the ferry sways                                                                        Tanya

        seven moonies
        at the check-in counter                                                        Michael

right on time
the wayward grebe sinks
all seven moons                                                                           Tanya

seven moons
the rising tide
of immigrants                                                                               Michael

        the pinball machine gives me
        seven new moons                                                                Tanya

seven moons
for the misbegotten
a torpedo on its way                                                                    Michael