by Michael Dylan Welch, Alegria Imperial, Vicki McCullough, 
         Jessica Tremblay, kjmunro, and Jacquie Pearce

Written on a smartphone at Shaughnessy Restaurant at VanDusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver, British Columbia, 12 April 2015. 
First published in Haiku Canada Review in October of 2015.

bus trip—
a letter from home
in my hip pocket                                                                                             Michael

            I scoot over for his books
            packed train                                                                                        Alegria

in the Frankfurt airport
a stale aura of war                                                                                          Vicki

            queuing at the quay
            for the late-night ferry                                                                        Jessica

jumble ice—
too warm for the dogs
on the Yukon Quest                                                                                        kjmunro

            walking tree shadows
            the last block home                                                                           Jacquie