Unraveled Cassette

      by an’ya and Michael Dylan Welch


First published in Frogpond 25:3, Fall 2002, page 36. Written 1–3 June 2001 by email. We’ve all seen cassette tapes unravelled along the side of a road. How do these things happen? Now that cassettes are obsolete, I guess we won’t be seeing this oddity much any more.



long drought—

the juniper bough

lowers its cones                                                an’ya


        soil in the cactus pot

        sticks to my fingers                                 Michael



the diviner points

his hazel rod                                                       an’ya


shifting dune . . .

two roadrunners shaded

by a dead manzanita                                      Michael


        solstice heat wave—

        the cassette tape unravels                  an’ya


Nevada river bed—

across fossilized sand

a pattern of ripples                                         Michael