By the Gazebo

A shisan renku by Tadashi Kondō (sabaki), June Hopper Hymas, Patricia Machmiller, Kenneth Tanemura, Kiyoko Tokutomi, and Michael Dylan Welch


Written on 28 August 1993 on the occasion of Tadashi Kondō visiting San Francisco. Published in Cicada VII:1 (#22), September 1996, page 9. This may be the very first shisan renku I ever contributed to.



morning chat

starts flowing

by the gazebo                                                                                   Tadashi


            the silverware’s noise

            and music—it is so cool                                                     Kiyoko


lake wind

changing the pages

of my journal                                                                                     Kenneth


            brighter than the bonfire

            moon in the sand                                                                 Michael


pumpkins tumbled


in an open field                                                                                 June


            hurrying to Sunday Mass

            only to find the church locked                                        Patricia


grey sky—

the dog’s water dish

iced over                                                                                             Michael


            watching him sharpen his awl

            the smell of dried leather                                                 Patricia


in the photo

the empty space beside you

I long to fill                                                                                          Kenneth


            a gift of balloons for him

            with the string in a knot!                                                   June


elderly couple

under cherry blossoms—

a far-off gaze                                                                                     Kiyoko


            by-the-wind sailors

            the slat spray on my face                                                  Patricia