This page presents my collaborative poetry in the rengay form. To read essays focusing on learning and appreciating this poetry, see the Rengay Essays page. Rengay is a six-verse poem usually by two or three writers using a set pattern of three-line and two-line haiku. Unlike renga or renku collaborations, all six poems focus on at least one unifying theme. Having a theme is the most important characteristic of rengay. Garry Gay invented the rengay form in 1992, and together Garry and I wrote the very first one, “Deep Winter,” on 9 August 1992, in Foster City, California. On 18 November 1993, I also wrote the first three-person rengay, “A Rain of Leaves,” with Claire and Patrick Gallagher, in Sunnyvale, California, and the first six-person rengay, “Journey in Blue,” on 28 April 2002 in Santa Rosa, California. I also published articles in Frogpond and Woodnotes that first began to popularize rengay, and the form is now written widely in many languages. I believe the first published rengay was Between Storms by Garry Gay and John Thompson, which appeared in Romania in Albatross Volume 2, Number 2, in January of 1993. In 1995, with Garry Gay and John Thompson, I published the first book of rengay, Hammerhorn LakeSince 1995, the Haiku Poets of Northern California has sponsored a rengay contest. I have judged this contest numerous times (including the first one), and have won first prize in the contest seven times (plus second and third prizes, and honourable mentions). In 2020, the Haiku Society of America started the Garry Gay Rengay Contest. In 2014, I published a book of solo rengay, titled True Colour. The following links feature examples of the rengay form by two, three, and six writers, plus solo rengay. For renku and other collaborative writing, please see the Collaborations page. See also the Rengay page I run on Facebook.       +       +       +       +
If you have any comments or questions about rengay, please contact Michael Dylan Welch.

Recent Additions (with dates added)

Vibrating Strings with Eduard Ţară [with Romanian translation] (27 July 2021)
Heads or Tails with Gary Hotham (7 July 2021)
Olvera Street with Oleg Kagan (7 July 2021)
Stick Figures with Julie Schwerin (7 July 2021)
Spreading Shade with Richard Tice and Kathleen Tice (17 June 2021)
Cobbler with Kristen Lindquist (23 April 2021)
City of Vapors with Carlos W. Colón, Paul Kreth, Stacy Pendergrast, David G. Lanoue,
and Howard Lee Kilby (7 April 2021)
Ain’t Got No Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia with Alan S. Bridges (2 March  2021)
In Praise of Idleness with Naomi Beth Wakan (29 January 2021)
Forgotten with Garry Gay (5 December 2020)
Tango with David Berger, Jacquie Pearce, Michelle Schaefer, James Rodriguez, and Vicki McCullough (5 December 2020)
Rooftops with Alan S. Bridges (22 November 2020)
Come One, Come All with Margaret Rutley and Sidney Bending (6 November 2020)
Birthdays Shared with Alan S. Bridges (4 September 2020)
Rounding the Pole with Yvonne Cabalona (3 August 2020)
Viewing Line with Alan S. Bridges (3 August 2020)
Going Viral with Gary Hotham (22 May 2020)
Away solo rengay (24 April 2020)
Schooled with Jennifer Sutherland and Susan Burch (11 April 2020)
Broken with Randy Brooks and Brett Bodemer (2 April 2020)

First-Prize Winners from HPNC Rengay Contests

These are my rengay that have won first prize in the HPNC rengay contest, which began in 1995. The first six of the following rengay are also available in Six Rengay, a free downloadable flyer available in PDF format on my Trifolds page.       +

1998: Dying Spark by Rich Krivcher, John Thompson, and Michael Dylan Welch
2000: Cornstalk Twisting by Michael Dylan Welch and Lenard D. Moore
2003: The Hilltop Castle by Michael Dylan Welch and Ikuyo Yoshimura
2005: Inside Passage by Michael Dylan Welch and Dejah Léger
2007: Sixth Sense by Tom Clausen and Michael Dylan Welch
2008: Returning by Michael Dylan Welch and Alice Frampton
2015: Weighing In by Michael Dylan Welch and Sonja Arntzen

City Rengay

Merging with Olivier Schopfer (Geneva)
Olvera Street with Oleg Kagan (Los Angeles)
Out Late with Angela Terry and Tanya McDonald (London)
Rooftops with Alan S. Bridges (Scandinavian capitals)
Winnipeg Wind with Debbie Strange (Winnipeg)
City of Vapors with Carlos W. Colón, Paul Kreth, Stacy Pendergrast, David G. Lanoue,
and Howard Lee Kilby
 (Hot Springs, Arkansas)

True Colour

True Colour is a book of my solo rengay, each featuring a different colour, published in 2014, with photographs and graphic design by Dan D Shafer. Read more about True Colour. Read the book’s introduction, “An Invitation to Rengay,” and its brief tutorial, “How to Write a Rengay.”       +

Other Solo Rengay

My Winds [acrostic rengay]
Night Flight
True Colour [book of solo rengay; see above]

Two-Person Rengay

All the News with Paul O. Williams
Another Country with Jacquie Pearce
Around the Edges with Paul O. Williams [with German translation]
Bending My Ears with Ray Rasmussen
Birthdays Shared with Alan S. Bridges
Breadsticks with Connie Donleycott
Breath Clouds with Jocelyn Conway [first publication here]
Breathless with Rich Krivcher
Caving In with Angela Leuck
Cobbler with Kristen Lindquist
Dawn Traces with John Thompson
Deep Winter with Garry Gay
Don’t Fence Me In with Sheila Sondik
An Earwig’s Grip with Max Verhart
Empty Hammock with John Thompson
Face to Face with Kathabela Wilson
Forgotten with Garry Gay
Française des Arts with Colin Stewart Jones
Freezer Burn with Max Verhart
Futbol with Joshua Beach
Garden Gifts with elehna de sousa
Getting There with John Stevenson
Giving Thanks with Sarah Welch
Going Places with Deborah P Kolodji
Going Viral with Gary Hotham
Gravestones with Jeff Witkin
Heads or Tails with Gary Hotham
Heat of the Moment with Deborah P Kolodji
Helicopter Seeds with Margaret Chula
Here and There with John Thompson
High Score with Tanya McDonald
Hometown with Stephen Toft
Hopscotch in the Park with Paul O. Williams
Idlers in the Gallery with Pamela Miller Ness
In Praise of Idleness with Naomi Beth Wakan
Lotus Eaters with Michael McClintock
Mall Walking with David Ash
Meeting with Andrew Riutta
Midnight Feeding with Lana Hechtman Ayers
Mother’s Back with Garry Gay
New England with Garry Gay
Off-Piste with Alan S. Bridges
Old Spice with Hank Dunlap
On Broadway with Brian Tasker
Our Own Devices with Luce Pelletier
Pins and Needles with Christine Nelson
Rainbow with Bill Waters
Rain into River with Tanya McDonald
Recess Bell with Garry Gay
Renandstimpy with Curtis Dunlap
Rolled-Up Trousers with Penny Harter
Rounding the Pole with Yvonne Cabalona
Seeing the Light with Sonja Arntzen
Several Species of Small Furry Animals with Colin Stewart Jones
Singing Along with Tia Haynes
Singing in the Rain with William Hart
Six of One with Andrew Riutta
Small Wonders with elehna de sousa
Smart Cars with Tanya McDonald
Skipping Stones with Kenneth Tanemura
So Much Depends with Billie Dee
Spider’s Web with Cathy Drinkwater Better
Splashes with Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago
Staples with Deborah P Kolodji
Starlings Rush with Terry Ann Carter
Stick Figures with Julie Schwerin
A Summer’s Tale with Sarah Welch
Taking the Field with Christopher Herold
Taking Turns with Garry Gay
A Taste of Winter with Elizabeth St Jacques
Threnody with Agnes Eva Savich
Too Hot to Handle with Christopher Patchel
Torpedo with Tanya McDonald
Touch with Lana Hechtman Ayers [rengay with one-line verses]
True Colors with Paul David Mena
Two Fat Spaniels with Amelia Fielden
Uh-Huh with Lee Gurga
Unfolding Miss July with Jeanne Emrich
Unplayed Harmonica with Carmen Sterba
Unraveled Cassette with an’ya
Vibrating Strings with Eduard Ţară [with Romanian translation]
Viewing Line with Alan S. Bridges
Whispered Stories with Garry Gay
Whiteout with David Terelinck
A Winter’s Tale with Sarah Welch
With Each Step with Ryu Yotsuya
Your Turn with Tanya McDonald

Three-Person Rengay

The Bowl He Holds with Randy M. Brooks and Brett B. Bodemer
Branches with Alice Frampton and Richard R. Powell
A Bridge Across with Rich Krivcher and John Thompson
Broken with Randy Brooks and Brett Bodemer [first publication here?]
Christmas in the City with Jim Force (Nika) and vincent tripi
Come One, Come All, with Margaret Rutley and Sidney Bending
Down with Alice Frampton and Vicki McCullough
Downtown with Deborah P Kolodji and Naia
A Few Loonies with Fay Aoyagi and Garry Gay
For the Birds with Gina Cohen and Nicholas Klacsanzky
Flutters with Susan Constable and Alice Frampton
From Here to There with Terry Ann Carter and Philomene Kocher
Hammerhorn Lake with John Thompson and Garry Gay
Hammerhorn Mountain with Garry Gay and John Thompson
Hot Rocks with Bob Redmond and Amy Baranski
Island Dialect with Abigail Friedman and Tanya McDonald
It’s All Happening with Sidney Bending and Margaret Rutley
The Last Ferry with Penny Harter and Tanya McDonald
Nightshift with Aubrie Cox and Barbara Hay
Off the Top of Our Heads with Alice Frampton and Connie Donleycott
Prairie Wind with Vicki McCullough and Alice Frampton
A Rain of Leaves with Donna [later Claire] Gallagher and Pat Gallagher
Rocking Chair with Ruth Yarrow and Emiko Miyashita
Saturday Matinee with Lenard D. Moore and Alice Frampton
Scented Moonlight with Alegria Imperial and Vicki McCullough
Schooled with Jennifer Sutherland and Susan Burch
Sitting with Richard R. Powell and Marilyn Powell
Spicy Collards with Lenard D. Moore and Alice Frampton
Spiralling Down with Tanya McDonald and Russell McDonald
Spreading Shade with Richard Tice and Kathleen Tice
Summer in the Country with Colleen Gerrish Force, and Jim Force (Nika)
Swapping Shells with Billie Dee and Tanya McDonald
Thump of a Rose with Billie Dee and Josh Wikoff

Six-Person Rengay

Bedtime Stories (multiple anonymous authors; sexual content)
Bottoms Up with Julie Emerson, Lynne Jambor, Brenda Larsen, Jacquie Pearce, Angela Naccarato, and Vicki McCullough (seven contributors for this rengay)
Bottoms Up with Kelly Sauvage Angel, Terri L. French, Agnes Eva Savich, Jeff Hoagland,
and Tanya McDonald
Changing the Guard with Bill Pauly, Charles Trumbull, LeRoy Gorman, Guy Simser, and DeVar Dahl
City of Vapors with Carlos W. Colón, Paul Kreth, Stacy Pendergrast, David G. Lanoue,
and Howard Lee Kilby
Harmony with Emiko Miyashita, David Burleigh, Kathleen O’Toole, Garry Gay, and Susan Antolin
Journey in Blue with Garry Gay, Claire Gallagher, Fay Aoyagi, David Noble, and Bruce Kennedy
King’s Books with Jim Westenhaver, Megan Shea, Judt Shrode, Burk Ketcham, and Janice Sakai
On the Dewy Path with Shelley Baker-Gard, Deborah P Kolodji, Kathabela Wilson, Jacquie Pearce,
and Angela J. Naccarato
Salad Days with Billie Dee, Naia, Oleg Kagan, Ash Baldon, and Deborah P Kolodji
Spiked Punch with David Ash, Christine Nelson, Joy Hendrickson, Vicki McCullough,
and Merilyn Peruniak
Tango with David Berger, Jacquie Pearce, Michelle Schaefer, James Rodriguez, and Vicki McCullough
Transfer with Alegria Imperial, Vicki McCullough, Jessica Tremblay, kjmunro, and Jacquie Pearce